Aug 072011

Seriously, as a Chef in a small/med/large restaurant, you do not walk in and everything is ready for you to cook. Does not really matter what your title is you have to insure your stuff is in order (mise). This applies to life and those outside the culinary world and yet “they” don’t quite get it. In our world, we should have a plan in place. More often than not I wake up and think of what I need to get done at the cafe, when I need to start and finish each task, where things need to be placed, how I am going to do it, what do we have left over that can be used for a special, how to cook and plate the special, what day of the week it is. Weather also plays a part and not just for my drive time. Pay days, school schedules and more. Then I consult the Ouiji board to have a plan.
At Cafe 131, I still don’t know what to expect as far as customers. I build it and they may come. CIP,: There was a fire on MoPac Southbound at Barton Skyway. It was backed up on the southbound at 3333. Took me an hour just to get thru (keep in mind I started that trip at 2:15) and did not get to the Cafe until 3:50 PM. I usually get there at 3:30 on my heavy prep days. A woman claled in a togo at 4 for a 5 pick up.
I felt like I spent the whole night in the weeds. Sure, everything went out on time but SHIT! I honestly HATE HATE HATE being late.

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