Jun 122011

I am temp Chef at a resto under transition at the moment and it is all good.
To save my time, I suggested a couple changes so I didn’t get pulled off the line to take care of this stuff. One of which was to have the FOH dress the salads. I put all the house made dressings in squirt bottles and stuck em in the cooler next to the pick up window. Sounds reasonable right? Normal practice right? Should be no problem for MOST FOH.
Yet it is not.
They hired a young lady was hired a couple weeks before I arrived. She claims that she has FOH experience. Ummmmmm. Here are a few red flags that may tell the truth.
1. I tell her the roast chicken is 86 for 20 more minutes. She asked what that meant.
2. I said push two particular entrees. She said oh if they ask?
3. Rang bell and handed her her Caesar salad, she turns around and grabs a jug of ranch. I stop her from dressing it. She asked, well then what dressing do we use?
4. Stopped her from cutting the cheese cake, nope she was about to try to cut a segment not a wedge.
5. It must repeatedly be explained that the table that is having the shrimp pasta and the grilled chicken breast will get their mains before the table that ordered steaks all around. Even though the steak table was seated first.
6. It is a good idea to hand a menu to the diner to look over while you get their water and drink order. Oh, and later return to ask what they would like to order.
I am thinking that her previous experience was as a waitress avatar in a game, or that she saw a waitress before.
Moving along, I say the place is in transition because they are in the process of selling but need to stay in business until it is sold. It is really a kinda fun gig. Not a big challenge of skill for me (okay, the daft FOH girl is) and is interesting. I do have to pull one double shift a week which is a real bitch. The resto is an hour away from me so it is not like I can drive home for a 2 hour break between the lunch and dinner service.
To top it off? I had done 3 b2b doubles and was exhausted. Fell asleep on the sofa, later woke up to go to bed. Got my right foot caught up in the laptop cables. Down goes Fraizer. Trying to not let the cables pull the laptop off the coffee table, I managed to smash my foot on the coffee table. So I have been working with a broken foot. What can ya do right? Suck it up and keep working. Hey, I have downloaded a human being and some where along the line developed a high pain tolerance. It is pretty much a requirement in the culinary world anyway.
So it has been like that.

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