Oct 042012

Some stuff really creeps me out. The dancing guy thing for Six Flags commercials. The Snuggle fabric softener bear (it’s eyes), and the Free Credit guy looks a bit like a stalker to me.

Then there are things that scare the bejeezers out of me. Water bugs for one. Not those little roaches. Those scare me as well. The Enormous creatures that will inherits the Earth? They take me to a whole different level of terror.

True event. This morning I go through my usual. Brush teethe, have coffee, check news and weather. Start the shower and wait for the water to warm. I get in and shut the curtain. I was not alone. I shot out of there double quick. Grabbed the towel and start beating the bottom of the shower trying to kill the beast. The shower was still running and so I snatched the hand held and start spraying it with hot water. Finally it stopped moving enough that I hit it with the shower head. It looked a little mangled and went down the drain.

To make sure that it was dead, I poured Drano on it. HA! That should do it. My still dripping self went to the other bathroom showered. I checked it out first. Just in case.

I go back to my bathroom because I am certain that part of the re con done by the enemy involved my toothbrush so it has got to go. Oh you know I was gagging for the better part of an hour. Anyway, I see something out of the corner of my eye. Paranoid, I am sure there is another one. NO! IT WAS THE SAME ONE! IT WAS WALKING AROUND (a little wonkier) the bottom of the shower.

Oh it is ON! Wasp and hornet spray is my next weapon in the arsenal. I can stay a comfortable (sorta) 10 feet from my foe. Zapped about ½ a can at it. Enough that I was coughing so I am sure victory is at hand. It flipped over and twitched a bit then was still. YEAH team Me right?

I go about my day. Come back with new toothbrush in hand. I walk in there and wouldn’t you know it but it is still twitching. So am I. It is still in there. My new battle plan is still under development. Beating it with a shower head, scalding water, bath towels, poison and acid seems to have a limited effect on it. I have a propane tank (and propane accessories) in the garage.

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