Nov 102012

Working on the Geek/Nerd book. It has been interesting thus far. I am not bald yet but I admit that it is not because I have not been on the verge of pulling it out. And not just mine! Any random stranger would do. Thus far I have avoided assault charges.

So far, I have managed to get some non cooks to try out a few of the recipes. This has been both rewarding and frustrating. The frustration comes in when an amateur mistakes are made. Both by me when I write the recipe (and forget a critical step) and by others that over think it rather than common sense.

Naturally I am harder on myself. Many times I have written a recipe and assumed that it was easy to figure out. How WRONG I am on that. I figure every one knows how to make a basic stock or roux. Certainly both can be purchased but why?

Next is when non cooks think they can wing it and skip steps. Um noooooo. Krab is not suitable substitute-if you have a shell fish allergy (or any other food allergy) just don’t cook it. Iodized salt is not good to cook with (IMHO, not suitable for much of anything). Trying to explain that garlic should not be purchased in a tiny box but rather from that bulk section of the market. Being specific that “Lemon Pepper Seasoning” is more salt than any lemon or pepper and a bad idea.

Educating the non cook is no easy task. Saying why certain things happen the way they do has been a thorn in my side. Sigh.

At the beginning of the book, it is explained the basic kitchen equipment but that has been questioned as in “why do I need that?” because! In the book there is no mention of a microwave. Does that say I hate them? Nope, they are great for re-heating left overs.

Here is what I have at home that I use most. A good sized counter top convection oven with a rotiss and a cast iron dutch oven. Yep. I can do pretty much anything with those two items. I can smash things with the dutch oven as well as using it as a fryer, bread oven, tandori oven, etc. I love multi-taskers.

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  1. Hey Chef! Brian here from G+, I met your SO there and am stopping by to say hey! Looking forward to reading everything here! Good luck with the book!

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