Aug 292013

Casa Paco!  Much like many places in Europe, it is unassuming outside and in.  The steak was anything but dull.
Caution, the plate is hot!  REALLY HOT!  They quickly sear the huge thick steaks on one side only then place in on the plate.  Raw.  Yep.  RAW!  The plate is heated in an old brick oven (more of a kiln if you will) but the steaks.  OMG!  Primo and you cook it on your plate.  Thick  rich slices of meat that are touched on the plate on each side.  GAWD!  Start with a simple salad and have steak for dessert!

Aug 182013

Recently a local foodie talked about how Chef’s eat at each others restaurants.  Well DUH!  If you are only eating in your own restaurant what is the point?  Example, Chef runs a well known sushi restaurant but likes to eat steak too.  The sushi person knows how to do a steak but why not eat at a good steakhouse?  It is not just the food.  The atmosphere and vibe in each non-chain restaurant is different for each place.

I am a savory chef.  I can do baked goods but I really don’t get much pleasure from it.  I generally buy from a local baker that enjoys doing pastry.  It shows in the product.

In short, if the chef is meh on doing certain types of cooking, it is very apparent in the quality of the food.

If you don’t love what you are doing…