Jan 032014

I have a friend, hard to believe that. That is totally Vegan. When he informed me that he only ate Vegan, I asked who she was. He said that he had thought about Vegan for a while. Again I asked who she was. Yep.
A couple years have passed and he is no longer pushing his friends to convert. Well not harshly admonishing the Omnivore crowd as much.
Recently he cited an article about chicken farms. I posted back that said farm is regulated by the FDA and USDA standards. Several of his hipster friends posted that all chickens needed to be free to fly.
I couldn’t help myself when I pointed out chickens really don’t fly much. I then tried to explain and even sent the proper links to the USDA definition of free range, organic, fresh, etc.
For some reason, there were crickets from the “let them all be free to roam” friends of his.
Wait till he posts about pigs. I am so ready!

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