Dec 102013

For some reason, folks that have no experience in the restaurant biz keep opening places and can’t seem to figure out why the customers don’t beat a path to the door.
There is a place that has a great location in a small town just outside the Austin, Texas area. It has had 6 owners in 5 years and many many menus.
The current one for the place that calls itself “homespun” and offering a full bar. They added a playground for the kids. I already smell bad idea.
The menu they have posted (they are not open yet) features Cajun, Creole, German, typical BBQ, Steaks, Chops, Italian (lasagna and ravioli), and French options as well as a separate menu with gluten free options.
The options are all over the map. This isn’t fusion, it is a mutt!
One has to question how good any of the choices? This is a place that can only seat 40 guests at any given time. The choice to have a massive (3 page) dinner menu is a hot mess. It screams throw every thing against the wall and see what sticks. Meanwhile, the food costs are going to kill them.
Hope I am wrong but I am thinking owner number 7 is on the horizon before 2014 is over.

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