Where was it?

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Jul 202010

How far did what you eat have to travel before it got to your plate?  Two days?  Two weeks?  I am one of those that believes it should not be over two hours.  Certainly there are exceptions.  Not many.

Supporting the locals only helps the community.  Why buy gassed tomatoes from Cali if the guy down your street grows vine ripe organic?  Nothing against California.  Just an example.

Better yet, grow your own.

Oh, I know that perhaps protein might be tricky to raise on the back patio.  Bet there is is a rancher or farmer up the road.  Take a moment (less time than it takes to nuke popcorn) and find local!  It tastes better anyway.

I am lucky.  Texas affords a great variety of animal, vegetable and mineral.  We have some of the best beef, game and seafood.  Our climate allows us to grow just about anything we want.  True, we don’t do very well with Concord grapes.  We can leave that crop to Concord.  They need something.  Cranberries do pretty good.  I was surprised on that one.

If you don’t live in Texas, please come visit us.  We enjoy your tourist dollars.  Don’t plan on moving here though.  Sure we have room but at some point we just gotta say no more.

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