Mar 102011

Hush your mouth and just read. I am not talking cheddar or anything. Just a basic cheese that requires no funky equipment. It is a multi use. Think ricotta.

1 gallon whole milk or goat milk (I prefer goat)
1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
3 T kosher salt
Addl kosher salt
3 layers of cheese cloth unfolded and draped over a strainer set inside a bowl in the sink (that is the most complex part) Be sure there is enough cloth that it hangs outside the bowl.
In a large enamel lined or non reactive (stainless) pot, add milk. Allow to simmer on low for 20 min and then add juice and salt. Continue to allow to simmer over low heat stirring with a slotted spoon (be gentle) to bring curds to the top. When you notice the liquid below the curd is light yellow, you are done. Allow to cool. Set up the bowl. Pour the whole pot into the bowl set up in a slow stream. When you get to the point that there is nothing but the yellow liquid in the pot, stop. Gather the sides of the cheese cloth and lift. Pour out the liquid in the bowl and return your cheese to the bowl set up. Let it drain. You may have to dump out the liquid in the bowl from time to time.

Last, leave the cheese in the cloth and tightly tie the top. Sprinkle additional salt on the out side and into the fridge over nite.

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