Sep 122010

3 acorn squash split and seeded
2 eggs beaten
1.5 C AP flour
1/4 C fresh grated parm
2-3 T olive oil
2 T crushed dried sage
S/P tt

OO, S/P on squash. Bake 350 for 45 minutes. Remove peel while still warm and run it through the food mill or ricer into a deep bowl. Make a well and add eggs, sage, parm and addl S/P as desired. Sift flour over all. Gently knead as in making pasta.

Roll dough into logs (1/4 in dia.) and cut into 1/4 in rounds. Allow gnocchi to rest on lined sheet tray. Bring large pot of salted water to boil. Boil gnocchi an small batches for 4 min ea batch. Remove gnocchi w/spider or slotted spoon.

Saute gnocchi in butter before service and top w/addl parm and fried sage leaves if desired.

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  3 Responses to “Savory Acorn Squash Gnocchi”

  1. Adapted this recipe slightly and it was absolutely heavenly.

    I used one medium sized acorn squash, two eggs, 1/4 cup microplaned pecorino romano, 1 T thyme leaves, and about 1 cup of whole wheat pastry flour.

    The whole wheat pastry flour made the gnocchi light, tender, and slightly nutty. Use less flour than you think is necessary. Use tons of flour on your hands and on the board. The dough will be wet and messy. I did a test batch and they came out absolutely perfect. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Great recipe, and very simple to follow as is. Like the other “commentator”, I use most recipes as a base, and modify them to my personal tastes (and mostly to what I have in the pantry), so I replaced the parmesan with a mix of dry ricotta and aged cacciocavale, and added a little more flour due to the wetter nature of the ricotta. The result was fantastic.

  3. Thank you both, I am of the school that a recipe is just a general suggestion of ingredients

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