Jun 242012

2 Lbs Red potatoes
2 Stalks celery diced
5 Green onions chopped
3 Sprigs fresh parsley minced
1/4 C Mayo
2 T Sweet relish
2 T Sour relish
2 T Sour cream
2 T Fresh dill chopped
2 T of Favorite bottled BBQ sauce
Pinch of cayenne pepper

Salt and pepper to taste
In a large pot of cold salted water, add potatoes (add addl water if needed to insure the potatoes are covered. Bring to boil and cook until a toothpick is easily inserted in a potato-about 20 minutes. Drain and allow potatoes to cool enough to handle but not cold. Cut into quarters. In large bowl, toss potatoes with remaining ingredients. Cover and refrigerate at lest 2 hours. Adjust seasonings. Serve chilled.

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