I dream in food

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Jul 122010

That is where I come up with recipes.   As soon as I wake up (ish), I write them down.  This can be an interesting exercise.

Last night was a primo example.  Great dish with roasted chicken, sauce, spinach and a julienne of Yukon and sweet potatoes.  Sounds reasonable enough.  The problem was in the technique of the fries.  I saw it in my dream but forgot to give myself instructions.   It looked really cool in the dream.

Beautiful basket of the two starches formed and fried in duck fat.  How cool is that?  Took me the better part of a day with my on/off thoughts to figure out the most practical way to do what was in my dream.  Smack me!  So simple yet eye appealing.

Don’t know why I picked the chicken though.  I made it today and it was quite tasty.  It will go in the book.

Tomorrow is one of my work days so the play with my food will have to wait.

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