May 202012

Corn Salsa:
4 Ears smoked corn on the cob
2 Jalapenos minced
2 Cloves minced garlic
1 large green bell pepper seeded and diced
1 Chipotle pepper minced
1 Red onion, diced
1 Roma tomato seeded and diced.
1/4 C Fresh lime juice
1 T Cumino
Mix all ingredients and store in plastic container over night.

6 Talapia, Catfish (or 3 oz. portions of cod filets)
1 C whole milk
1/2 C canola oil
1 T Cayenne
Corn meal for dredge
12 Corn tortillas
Salt and pepper to taste

Soak fish in milk for 2o minutes, drain. Season fillets with cayenne. Dredge in corn meal. Saute fish in small batches keeping cooked fish warm (I use a paper towel covered plate and put them in the microwave). Warm tortillas in remaining canola, and drain. It should take less than a second to warm each tortilla.

Serve two tortillas stacked with each fillet, top with salsa.

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