Apr 092014

I am an anodized 8 inch skillet. I am a vessel for sautĂ©ing, flambĂ©, poaching, frying, and saucing. Please don’t sell me short because of my size.
I make a wonderful tool to pound a piece of meat into a cutlet, crush garlic, crack whole peppercorns and nuts.
I take pride in the fact that just like my brothers and sisters of varied sizes, we can start a meal on the stove and finish in the oven.
True, I may look like a lowly sauce pan but I offer more. I make a damn fine weapon screaming hot or ice cold. I can kick some arse as long as you know how to utilize my diversity.

I want to be a skillet in my next life
skillz 001

Oct 262013

Join me as I explore the quirky culinary world. I’ve always had a passion for food. Some of my friends in elementary school would rush home in time to see the afternoon cartoons. I ran home to watch Julia Child on PBS. Yes, I was one of those kids you see standing on a chair to reach the stove.I was one of the pioneer latch key kids.
Life happened, marriages, divorces, children. One day on my way to work at the cube farm, I was crying at the stop light. I hated my job and life. It was time to do the selfish thing. Go to Culinary School. I was afraid, I was petrified. I graduated with honors.
Since then I’ve worked in several restaurants in Central Texas and the Hill Country, as a personal chef, and a culinary consultant.
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