Aug 292013

Casa Paco!  Much like many places in Europe, it is unassuming outside and in.  The steak was anything but dull.
Caution, the plate is hot!  REALLY HOT!  They quickly sear the huge thick steaks on one side only then place in on the plate.  Raw.  Yep.  RAW!  The plate is heated in an old brick oven (more of a kiln if you will) but the steaks.  OMG!  Primo and you cook it on your plate.  Thick  rich slices of meat that are touched on the plate on each side.  GAWD!  Start with a simple salad and have steak for dessert!

Aug 262013

The best and I don’t say that lightly smoked baby eels I ever had was at a place in Madrid called Botin.  Very aromatic with the garlic and olive oil.  So good on the beautiful round loaves of bread dropped at the table.  ADDICTIVE.  I did save room though for the main course.  My Grandfather had called the day before and ordered a roast suckling pig.

It arrived table side and carefully the flesh and skin were scored allowing us to pick off bits of crunchy skin and meat.  The fat had melted beautifully into the meat and made it almost to rich.  Almost but that didn’t stop us.

The seating is family style and friendly.  If you find yourself in the ares, eat and celebrate!  Amazing.