Little known but still award winning Chef in the Texas Hill Country. Bring it on bad boys and girls!
1. Le Cordon Bleu.
2. Yes, they make the best.
3. Medium rare.
4. DUH! Let me know when you drive by a commercial veg field and see a porta john and hand wash sink.
5. No, don’t much care for chain restaurants-especially to work for them. It is against the policy to think.
6. Yes, I have seen that movie. Uh, sometimes it can be just like that. Yep, even in an independent restaurant, I had the displeasure of cooking for “that” customer. Sorry for the wait staff that has to deal directly with them. “That” customer totally folds when I go out to speak with them.
7. No, unless you are in zero gravity.
8. Yes. I like them so much, I made up an acronym for the bi-peds: V.I.N.O.. The rest are good food.
9. No. I called out anyone that did on my line.
10. Please select an answer from numbers 1 though nine. Trust me.

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