Mar 052012

For Christmas I got a new/old book I have been wanting. A year ago, I went to the library in search of an older edition of “The Joy of Cooking”. It could not be had said the nice librarian. She stated that they don’t have books that old. I pointed out that they had several editions of the Bible. I got the stink eye. For some reason, she and I are not Besties.
Moving forward, I got a 1962 edition of the book. I just LOVE it. It has great information in it (hence the reason I wanted an older edition).
By chance I was looking through the many fish recipes. It actually has a great hint on whale. Seems that the meat should be soaked over night in a baking soda and water solution. That is FANTASTIC information. Just in case.
Two things about that struck me. Why is whale listed under fish? Second is DAMN! I gotta read this book cover to cover and kick some freaking ass on a mystery basket. Yep.
Morals of the post? Nobody is ever too smart to use some old cook books as a resource for inspiration and information. An some Librarians are daft.

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