Oct 102011

Yes, it is the hospitality business but unless you are expecting a personal chef to cook for you, these are not acceptable requests:
I want the marinara sauce but leave out the onions
I am lactose intolerant, so leave the milk and cheese out of my slice of cheesecake
Here is a few hints
if a particular veg is not offered as a side, don’t ask for it.
if a particular fish is not listed on the menu, don’t ask for it.
If a particular cut of steak is not listed on the menu…
Same for beverages
If you had a special two weeks before and the new special is different, don’t gripe. They are SPECIALS.
A server is not a servant
Menus change from time to time. Deal with it. Even fast food joints change their menus
We try to give customers what they want be be serious

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