Aug 192013

It really chaps me.  I see them all the time.  Not all my friends are chefs and that is fine.  But!  Those silly share this on your timeline recipes (that are usually with yum, must try this) generally are garbage.  99% have open a can of soup or box of….

Certainly I read them.  Just because they are such train wrecks!  No editing is done.  Ingredients listed are not included in the directions, the photo does not match the recipe.  Saw one yesterday that was chicken  with alfredo sauce over wide egg noodles.  The picture showed fettuccine pasta (technical foul) with corn (not listed in the ingredients) and the meat?  Sliced pork loin.  The sauce directions were, melt butter, add 1/4 C parm cheese, 1 Ccream, and whisk until smooth (nope, not gonna happen) then add TWO crushed cloves of garlic and 1/2 C of mozz, stir till smooth.  It was also quite clear in the picture there was cream of mushroom soup involved.

For sure I have made errors in my blog posts but SERIOUSLY!

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