Nov 132012

I needed some pink salt. I thought that maybe not likely the local H-E-B might have some. There I stand scanning the salt area for what I want. A couple show up and park their cart in front of the area where I was hunting. Okay, I’ll let the rude pass as I had no cart nor need for one. It went down like this:

S:get the iodized salt.
H: asked if it mattered because salt is salt right?
Me (could not not let that pass) No, there are a variety of salts. I point out that the iodized has well iodine in it and hence the metallic flavor. Lady looks at me and asked if I was serious.
Me: Yep, there is kosher salt, pickling salt, sea salt (starting to channel my Forest Gump) etc.
Lady: Oh. Turns to companion and says she wants to get some lemon pepper seasoning.
I had to walk away.

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