Jun 192010

It amazes me.  I see this stuff at the HEB. Sardinian Music Bread. The package is 1 pound and sells for 14.00 US. HUH?!!!! It looked kinda familiar but not quite.

I looked it up just to find out what it was and why on Earth it would be so expensive. OH good gravy. It is basicly pita bread. I found a recipe for the music bread. Uh, well I am thinking that unless the bread comes with the bare-breasted Sardinian virgins that made it, no way I am paying that much for bread. What is in it? 1.5 cups each all purpose and semolina flour, yeast, some water and a pinch of salt.

There was a moment of temptation though. I wanted to get my lawn chair and park it by the display to see who (and later ask them WTF) would buy it.

Saw that some speghetti-o’s were recalled. They should all be recalled. It is nasty stuff. Ever notice the distinct canned pet food odor when opening it? A quick survey of 4 of my Chef buddies found that we agree. It is SHI*.   One stated that the parents that feed their children that garbage should be jailed.  Four of my friends that are parents, also agree that it is trash. *

My personal feeling is that if you feed your kids that crap, don’t bitch about the quality of the nursing home later on. Oh please, I really don’t want to hear (or read) any garbage about that it is cheap (yeah, it IS cheap) or convenient. Uh huh. Convenient? How?

A good cook works wonders with very little and waste is a heart breaker. A cook that really can’t cook is Rachel R. Nuff said. Naw, I will re-visit her again. Along with others.

* Yes, I shall address the MRE and MRI stuff at a later date.

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