Aug 292010

I don’t live on a farm.  The Ag line is 1 block away from me.  That is fine though.  I still have access to lots of stuff.  My neighbor has a couple fruit trees.  Cactus paddle and rosemary grows wild everywhere (makes me wonder why they sell nopales in the store).

A few times a year, I can hear the noise to goats bleeting in the back yards of the neighbors.  A few days later the gentle aroma of cabrito will fill the air.  It isn’t exactly legal to have the goats in the back yard; however, it is Texas and a working family neighborhood.

We even have a truck that comes around selling fresh tortillas.  Guess we have a shortage of Tias in the neighborhood.  They do sell fresh at the local H.E.B. and I am sure that the lady who makes them in front of me has to be someones Aunt.  I am not an Aunt so I shall leave the tortillas in their capable hands.  That and one of the few kitchen items I don’t own is a tortilla press.  It is on my list though.

We also have a fantastic farmers market.  They offer some really great stuff.  Visit the Cedar Park Farmer’s Market if you have the chance.  Actually any of your local Farmer’s Market is a good idea.  I am big on buying as local as possible.  I am lucky enough to live in an area that has so many food options.  Yeah, some say NY or CHI, even LA is the best.  I have traveled all over the Earth and tasted some really amazing stuff.  For me, Texas still rocks.  I think Texas really is the uber trend setter.  Hell, our State Fair gave the world corn dogs and fried beer.  Top that one Miami!

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