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About 4 times a year this comes up. How to eat ice cream. Let first say I am not a big sweets eater. Never have been. Second, my ice cream brand choices are Amy’s and Blue Bell. Both fine Texas brands. Amy’s has twice the fat but it sure is good. Blue Bell does offer a double churn which is just a marketing thing. It means more air.

Moving along, eating said item. It is usually sold in several sizes and is appropriate for several service sizes for women.

The scoop: I just wanted to have vanilla

The ½ pint: I am a little hormonal.

The pint: More hormones.

Applicartions for the above sizes

The scoop: Milk chocolate

The ½ pint of chocolate with chocolate jimmies aka sprinkles: He is a jerk.

The pint of milk chocolate with dark, extra dark, white chocolate chips and chocolate syrup: Pity party.

To properly enjoy the ice cream, there is a dress code.  A sloppy t-shirt (not his for the pint or larger size) and flannel pants.

Equipment and service pieces. A spoon and a damp wash cloth (not tissues used during the ½ pint or above tears).

How many servings are in each container? This totally depends on if the lady is watching a chick flick, texting the ex and sitting next to her commiserating BFF. If a BFF is present, each lady should have her own spoon, container, tissues, attire and aloe infused tissues.

Guys just don’t know the etiquitte of eating ice cream. I have tried to educate.

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  1. LOVE the logo! I MISS ice cream! Forty three ponds lost and starting exercise tomorrow.

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