Jul 152012

When a resto opens, they hire staff and train them for a week on the menu. Should be good to go right? Never seems to happen that way.
All to often, they hire the wrong mix. This becomes quite evident on the soft openings. Staff starts in the weeds and stays there. More staff is hired and some is let go. Another soft opening a week later. Things go a little smoother. Grand opening and the next day more staff changes and then trained on the fly. Three weeks later, more staff changes. It blows my mind why owners don’t take the time to get the right mix in the first place. It is cheaper to have stages (pronounced stahge) before the grand soft open and get the right crew.

The owners that opt for hiring High School kids because they could be had at low wages. Another one of those you get what you pay for. Sure, some of the HS kids are good but most are more interested in their social life and school (as they should be) rather than working.

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