Jun 242010

I was working as a Sous in this place in Boerne. Long commute and other stuff but here is one of the things that I found quite humorous.

We hired a prep cook. He was around 16 and his previous experience was working at the local Sonic. After his first week, we had invested in around 8 boxes of band-aides just for him.

Moving along, I told him to peel some carrots and then I would show him how to dice them. So far so good? Naw. There he stood at the cutting board, 10 lbs of carrots to one side and a hotel pan to the other. He grabbed a knife and stared at the carrots. I could see the look of dread on his little face. He looked at the knife in his hand. Back to the carrots. A look over to the band-aides. Then to me.

I gave him a peeler and showed him how to use it. Yes. Poor little kid. Ya know he was thinking the worst. Nope, I did not show him how to dice the carrots. Somehow, he managed to peel his thumb at one point. His duties were changed.

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  1. I have peeled my finger on more than one occasion! Ouch!

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