Mar 192011

So, it is SXSW here and we have had some great bands, restaurants and films that are being enjoyed by all, Doesn’t hurt our economy either.
Didn’t get to experience much of it myself as usual. Had to live through it via twitter. All good stuff. Some of the “celebs” visiting our area were not familiar to me. Then again, I am not much of a follower of the famous for no particular reason.
That said, it is really awsome event. Second place has to go to the ROT but I will save that for another time.
At this time I will write about the RR being here. Seems that there was NO NIL NADA line waiting to see the Queen of open a can of (insert product) but she is interesting enough to me to have thoughts about her. I will give her credit for admitting she is not a Chef but just a “pound puppy”-her words. I will also give her snaps for at least cooking sorta.
What I don’t care for about her is that she really does have an audience/fanbase that IMHO will not even bother to try to cook what she has demonstrated. These are folks that in general, go with the drive thru. Ticks me off. Sure, I can and do cook from scratch as much as possible (sometimes it is not practical to make fresh pasta etc.) and I know it would be unrealistic for a lot of people to do it.
It totally hacks me off that people don’t even TRY to make a meal at home with their friends and or family at minimum 3 times a week. The whole time spent cooking and talking and eating together is time lost living in my mind. So, yes I am very food focused but there is a reason. Missing out on sharing your day, thoughts, and love is a total pity. If the food fails, it still offers the opportunity to learn and if it is an epic fail? I good story to share.

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