Mar 012011

Doctors and Lawyers try to own a restaurant and it fails miserably. The problem usually lies with the owners not letting the people they hire to run the place actually do their jobs. There was a local place that was a prime example. They hired a good Chef that I know to write the menu and standardized recipes. Everything was the normal rocky soft open, then it went way south. The owners (in this instance, Lawyers) decided they needed to tweek the portion sizes (smaller) and increase the prices.
Then they fired the Chef because he tried to let them know it was not gonna work that way. Sure enough, using canned soup and advertising it as made fresh daily didn’t fly. The Son of one of the owners was hired to run the place-his previous experience nil as far as a restaurant. He had managed a bar that quickly closed.
Back to the food. It just got stupid! The sides were served in 3 oz. plastic portion bowls. They were placed on the same plate as the main-visualize a burger on the plate with a little bowl of fries on there as well. Oh and the plate size? it was a 6.5 inch rounder.
So the moral of this? The patrons were not fooled into thinking they were getting value. Skimping on the cheap stuff (i.e. soup of the day and freaking fries (seriously?) is going to be noticed. Hiring High School kids w/o experience for your line (cooks) because you can pay them minimum wage is a bad choice.

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