Dec 272012

Found the printer I wanted so went to the 🙂 big box store to get it at the 35.00 price YAY. It is in stock double YAY.

It rang up at the higher price. BOO! Tell the clerk that it is advertised on line for 35.00. I was reminded that the store does not match their on line prices. BOO.

Okay, back at the house I order it and select that it should ship to the store. I am smug in the thought that I’ll just pick it up 30 minutes or so later right? It initially tells me I have an estimated pick up date of Dec 29, so okay I think. I’ll just wait 30 minutes and they will send me a happy little e-mail or text to come pick it up now.

In under a minute I get an e-mail stating that the estimated ship date has changed. HA! I think. Then I read the rest of the e-mail. The NEW estimated ship date is Jan 11!

Printers must have a migratory habits from the electronics department to customer service. Who knew.

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