Dec 082013

Mom and Pop, casual, or high end. It really doesn’t matter.
Telling the waitstaff you know the owner/manager to impress them is silly. The waitstaff know the owner/manager too!
If it isn’t on the menu, it isn’t on the menu. Menu’s are designed for maximum efficiency. If you want to substitute the sauce from one item with a sauce of another item, stay at home and cook it yourself.
Splitting checks, yes there is a charge because figuring who had what or how many takes more work for your server to figure out for you.
Don’t eat your entire meal then complain about it expecting some sort of comp. If you are having trouble with the meal, let your waitperson know asap. The exception is if you are a Whale in Vegas and still just shut up, your getting comped anyway.
The waitstaff are servers, NOT SERVANTS. Remember the Golden Rule.
Snapping your fingers to get the attention of a waitperson is just rude. Show a little class.

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