Nov 202013

Watched an episode of this program. Interesting. All the “Preppers” seemed to be focused on a single catastrophic event. One guy in Florida was fixated on a lightning strike that would wipe out the entire grid for the state. Another fellow in Missouri (I think) built a bus that would crash trough road blocks caused by tornado damage. He even had food and water supplies on board. He didn’t touch on where the family intended to shelter DURING the tornado.
Then there was the fellow that felt he only needed to have a 6 month supply for food for his family as he would just take from others after his imaginary end of days. Guy built himself armor from ceramic tiles, roofing tar and fiberglass fabric to protect himself in the event his thieving met resistance from conventional weapons, i.e. a butter knife or spork IMHO.
The fellow also looked up on line how to do a C-Section on his wife. They did a dry run and momma didn’t look too convinced in his ObGyn skills.

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