Aug 192010

NEVER EVER! Serve a person that knows their Cajun and Creole cooking red beans and rice made with canned beans.

Some would argue (and rightfully) that there should be no can opening for red beans period. The recipe varies from cook to cook and family to family. Some with tomato products, some not so much. To open the beans though is just beyond lazy. Exactly how much exertion does it take to cover dried beans with water and stick them in the fridge over night? I have to believe that the can o’bean user also does that boil in bag rice. Wow, white starchy rodent droppings. Just whets my appetite.

While I am on my tirade of wrong names, (I am not sure if it is really cooking anyway) I will address Graham Elliot’s version of “Texas Style Chili”. I don’t care if he has 4 stars or not. There are NO BEANS in Texas Chili. It is a rule. No corn, no rice, no potato, no turnips (yeah, I saw that one time), no hominy, or macaroni. EVER! Seriously, if he had served that in an official Texas Chili Cook Off, it would have been disqualified or lynched.

Chef Elliot can call it Chicago Style, Memphis Style, New England Style or even California Style but not Texas Style. I have enjoyed many a bowl of chili with the above stuff (not so much the turnip) and they were just fine. They just were not Texas Chili.

It is all regional I know. Try to tell people that New England, Manhattan, and Boston Clam chowders are all the same. They are very unique and the rules are different for each. Mixing them together does not mean a bad product but it just has to be Clam Chowder and not specific.

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