Mar 012011

Recently I met with a couple of folks that wanted to open a restaurant with their grown children. None of them had any experience in the food biz. The couple were retired and for some reason thought it would be family fun to go into this venture. So here are some of the Q&A
Me: Have you secured a place yet and where?
They:Our Daughter is looking into it. (oh greeeeeeaaatttt)
Me: What type of menu do you want and are you going to serve beer/wine/mixed drinks?
They: We want to do family style menu and probably just serve beer and wine. (in other words you really don’t know what is involved with that)
Me: Family style as in large platters for people to share?
They: No no, family style food. (okay, gotcha-comfort food)
Me: So meatloaf, CFS, Q and the like?
They: YES! stuff like that.
They (she): and we like that pad thai too. Barb (the Daughter) really likes those California Rolls. (—–groan)
Me: Perhaps those might be interesting things to do for a special but honestly, they don’t quite fit with the other comfort food.
They: We should serve a little of all kinds of food. (Do you people know WHY Chefs despise the Cheesecake Factory?)
Me: Well I wish you well but I don’t think I am the person you need for this. (May I PLEASE give you the website so you can go ahead and apply to be on TV as one of those restaurants that is failing miserably?)

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