Dec 082012

Lately, some Chef’s and Restaurant Owners have been tweeting to Critics, Blogger, etc about the negative reviews. I don’t know why some are getting so defensive. If a majority of the Critics, bloggers etc. are saying the same thing, perhaps there should be a change to what is happening.

Case in point. There is a restaurant that has been in business for 6 years and has been steadily been going down. The two chief complaints are the owner and the inconsistency of the product (portion sizes shrinking, using obviously pre-packaged and advertising it as fresh made) as well as it often being over cooked. This is supposed to be a upscale casual type place.

First, the owner. What a piece of work! She regularly chides customers when they point out errors. The owner has been known to tell the customer that the name on the door isn’t the customers name and hence makes the decisions of what is right. Great way to get repeat business. There is a very high staff turnover as she has been seen and heard by other staff and customers screaming and using the F-bomb on a regular basis.

Second, it is beyond me why any menu would state products were made in house when well, they are not. I suppose technically they are if you count ordering canned/pre-packaged food and then warming it up on site as house made.

Personally, if my name is on the door and menu, I want to be honest. My name is my reputation and I (have been asked to in the past) to “fudge” or make short cuts. Nope. Not gonna do it.

Stepping off my soap box.

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