Sep 232010

There was an investigation of a Farmer’s Market in Cali. Wish there were more. I am certainly in to the whole local stuff. That written. I shall share some ugly.

Years ago, I worked for a small produce company in La. We got stuff from all over N. America and beyond. It was not a massive business. It had around 1000 accounts in the area. Family owned and operated.

Going along. We had folks that would come over to buy produce that was not the best looking. Some just bought a flat of stuff for jelly or what not. Not a bad deal. BUT

and there had to be a BUT! some would buy stuff to sell at the local FM. The drip noses would pass them off as local. Kinda feel like, well if you bought strawberries in January in La., what did you think you were gonna get? If they were hot house grown, they wouldn’t look so bruised. Just sayin

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