Jan 212015

Once upon a time there was a hamburger. It came with ice burg lettuce, tomato, onions and condiments of choice on a bun. Cheese was added and it certainly improved the burger. Bacon came along and played well with the cheese and meat.
Then life got sideways. Now the bun options range from traditional to doughnut and more. Burgers are filled with assorted cheeses, mangled toppings like arugula, micro greens, gold leaf, foie gras, caviar, specialty condiments, mushrooms, chili, fries, and on and on.
Tragic really, I enjoy a good burger myself. I like a cheese burger. I like a cheese burger with bacon. I want the damn thing on a traditional bun, LTO, yellow mustard and from time to time, ketchup. That is it.
Burgers have morphed into something that is unrecognizable.
WTF? Just let the burger be! Its last improvement was bacon. It should have stopped there. Sigh.

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